The Responsive Maintenance Team is responsible for managing the repairs in your home. The team also prepares empty properties when someone leaves us and ensures that they are good quality, affordable homes for the next tenant.

Our Responsibility

To provide good quality, well maintained accommodation and to carry out repairs as required on the following:


  • Drains, gutters and pipes
  • Roof and walls
  • Doors and windows
  • Painting the outside
  • Paths, steps, fences and gates
  • Play areas


  • Walls, ceilings, stairs, floors, skirting boards and doors
  • External door locks
  • Fires fitted by the Association
  • Electrical sockets and switches
  • Gas, water and sewerage pipes
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Heating systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Painting communal hallways and stairs
  • Specialised equipment we have provided

Your Responsibility

There are certain repairs that tenants are responsible for, as below:

  • Broken sinks
  • Broken windows
  • Lost keys
  • Easing doors to fit over carpets
  • Light bulbs and electrical fuses
  • Tap washers and sink plugs
  • Window stays and fasteners
  • Clothes lines and bins
  • Shrinkage cracks in walls or ceilings
  • Any of your personal property that is broken
  • Anything that you have damaged
  • Correct use of heating appliances, ventilation appliances and other devices within your home

Going away in winter? Don’t risk a burst pipe, turn off the water or leave some heating on! You will have to pay for damage if you have not taken reasonable precautions!

Our Response Times

Emergencies - within 24 hours

When there is a danger to health and safety or of serious damage to the property:

  • No water, or burst pipes or tank;
  • The only toilet does not flush and there is someone elderly or disabled in the house;
  • Blocked drain or toilet, if you only have one;
  • Your home is dangerous for you or others;
  • You have had a fire and your home needs to be made safe;
  • You cannot get in and you are disabled, elderly or have young children;
  • No heating in cold weather;
  • Damaged fire safety equipment;
  • Broken down lift.

Urgent faults – within 7 calendar days

  • Minor leaks and problems with bathroom fittings;
  • Electrical faults which are not dangerous;
  • Faulty heating or hot water supply;
  • Damaged stairs and handrails;
  • Communal lighting.

Non-urgent faults - within 30 calendar days

The Responsive Maintenance team are:

Philip Jones Leigh Wallace Stan Evans
Senior Maintenance Officer, responsible for overseeing the maintenance team Maintenance Officer, responsible for properties in south Powys Void Operative, responsible for preparing properties for new tenants
Huw Cooke Douglas Brooker  
Gardener, responsible for grounds maintenance in south Powys Site Superintendent, responsible for grounds maintenance and preparing properties for new tenants Ceredigion